an imageThe Rhodope Mountain – XXI century Society is an independent voluntary social non–profit organization, not bound religiously or to a political party, registered on August 5th, 1998 by the Regional court in the town of Smolyan. In 2009 the Sociaty was reregistered in National Association 'XXI Century Rhodopa Mountain Initiative' and opened office also in Sofia. It includes 15 permanent members and 110 volunteers from the whole region and from Sofia working on the initiatives of the Society. They are of various social, educational, ethno-cultural and ethno-religious backgrounds, representing all the communities in the region.

The basic aims of the Association are:

1. Prevention of children, young people and women from criminogenic and victimogenic risk;

2. Aid and reintegration of the risk-groups of society;

3. Humanization and optimization of the social environment for children and young people;

4. Establishment of tolerant ethnic relationships;

5. Activation of the citizens’ participation in solving problems of common importance;

6. Contribution to the dissemination, promotion and implementation of European values, principles and ideas;

7. Promotion of more effective collaboration between the authorities, the non-profit sector, the businessmen and the mass media in solving problems;

Concrete experience: The Association has experience in the preparation and accomplishment of activities in projects in the sphere of civil education, social services for citizens, prevention of juvenile delinquency, and resocialisaion of children with deviant behaviour.