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Education against corruption: Materials for teachers help" / Compiler Zahari Zahariev, Tatyana Bekchieva. - Sofia: Society „Center for Educational Activities”, 2007. – 160 p.; 20 cm.

The publication was prepared within the project "Education against Corruption" implemented by "Centre for Educational Initiatives" in partnership with the National Association of School Boards and the Society "Rhodope Mountains XXI Century", funded by the EU Programme Phare Development of Civil Society 2004.

The textbook "Education against corruption" is a collection of "best practices" for teaching anti-corruption issues in secondary school, generated by a wide team involving experts from NGOs, academics and teachers in secondary schools.

Тolerance to everybody: Training module for VII and VIII grade/ Compiler Zahari Zahariev, Tatyana Bekchieva. - Smolyan: Rhodope Mountain – ХХІ Century, 2005. – 94 p.; 20 cm.

The road to the development of a more tolerant society goes through, or even just starting with education. The development of training model "Tolerance for everybody" reflects the public's need Bulgarian school to become a place where tolerance is practiced daily. Included in the module topics can be studied by integrating them into the curriculum in various subjects and also in extracurricular activities. Materials reproduced here present the use of different methodological solutions for achieving the objectives of training and education in tolerance. For example, classes in history, geography, biology, English, in organization of school celebrations and others. The manual is designed for teachers teaching different subjects for students from lower secondary to primary degree (V - VIII grade).

Alphabet of Tolerance: Collection of materials to help teachers/ Compiler Zahari Zahariev, Tatyana Bekchieva - Smolyan: Rhodope Mountain – ХХІ Century, 2002. – 76 p.; 20 cm.

The handbook is formed as a dictionary, which explains the essence of tolerance and other concepts that relate to it. The selection of all concepts is carried out using the technique "associative cloud", with subsequent selection of its results through discussion held by the participants in the clubs. Following the established order of terms in alphabetical order, the students developed the overall design of the handbook. With the help of their teachers they embraced the idea of each of the concepts to be presented in several ways:

Using the sources of popular wisdom (proverbs);

Speeches of great personalities (quotes);

From the standpoint of science (giving definitions);

From the perspective of your own life experience (description of the events experienced by them);

Using artistic skills (stories, poems, drawings).

The handbook can be used in carrying out youth work trainings focused on forming tolerant relations in class and school. It can serve as a model for developing similar materials that students prepare themselves in the form of a project, not only with regard to tolerance, but to civic education at all.

Pedagogical practices in civic education: Collection of materials to help teachers/ Compiler Zahari Zahariev, Tatyana Bekchieva - Smolyan: Rhodope Mountain – ХХІ Century, 2002. – 75 p.; 20 cm.

The book was prepared under the project "Pedagogical practices to promote civic education in the Smolyan region" implemented by the Ministry of Information Society, Smolyan, in partnership with the National Institute of Education Science and Society "Rhodope Mountain XXI century".

The topics included in the collection of material are very diverse, separated into two groups depending on their orientation. In one of these groups lessons are oriented to the meaningful core "national identity" of civic education and the other to the core "rights and obligations of citizens." As the success of development should be noted that among all theoretical lessons are also reflected specific problems characteristic of Smolyan region. Above mentioned cores give the titles of two sections, in which are arranged the developed by teachers materials.

Diversity and identity of the person: Collection of materials to help teachers/ Compiler Zahari Zahariev, Tatyana Bekchieva - Smolyan: Rhodope Mountain – ХХІ Century, 2001. – 75 p.; 20 cm.

This publication summarizes the experiences of the project "Diversity and identity of personality" focused on the development of effective school practices in civic education and in particular those which develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and values in the field of intercultural dialogue, religion, human rights. In project's activities participated above 120 fourth graders, eighth graders and their teachers from 5th Secondary School "Yuri Gagarin" (Smolyan) and Secondary School "Cyril and Methodius" (Smilyan, Smolyan district).

The materials presented in the collection are the work of teachers in pilot schools, the trainings' lecturers and the team carrying out the project. They are grouped into two parts. In the first "Theoretical Aspects of Civic Education" have been developed some problems supporting the curriculum in relation to the theme of the project and in the second 'Pedagogical Practices' are described some pedagogical decisions based on real classroom activities of the teachers and students from the pilot schools. Most of the materials in this part are directed to the curriculum for grade IV and VIII, but some of the proposed ideas may be used in other grades.

The book is intended for all interested in civic education, but of course first of all it is addressed to teachers who have the hard task to turn an idea into reality.